Celebration of life...:)~@

Let's surrender disbelief, as is said in the Art world; get our head reposition upon our neck in a manner that will allow our nervous system to continue on its way down our spinal column into our inner world. One's body.  That's right. This weekend I had a double hitter, meaning,  in the morning my head was reposition upon my neck; it now sits in the centered of my neck, and not tilted to the right of center as it had been. the blood flow was out of this world, flowing across the cortex of my mind. That same evening, I  attended a friends celebration of life. It was as if I were again on a horse with no name, my body felt none of its 77 years of revolution. No, not me, this night of celebration. I'm drinking this one in memory of our shared time together; Axel was always available, not just to me; but to all those whom were passing along Life's road-ways as he was when we lived those moments, shared.  Best of all, there were dozens of others attending Axel's celebration of life, on his birthday. What a great time for a party. Now, I know that you are not going to believe it; but, remember, I did say let's suspend disbelief didn't I now? Let it be know, I drank my share as well as Axel's share. IT didn't have any affect upon the high of getting my head put on straight that morning. I said hello to all as I passed among the guest. Met wonderful people who knew Axel. Herd great stories, felt synergy floating in waves as everyone intermingled. I was one of the last to leave Bodo's that night. As I passed through the door into the evening, The evening's sky was filled with the colors floating off the boardwalk in Myrtle beach. The night was rocking away as it did when Axel play the seen. So sweet it was to be alive, to celebrate a friends convergence with life. Celebration!


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