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$9.99 !'s pleasure: Chocolate truffles.

Chocolate with a sizzle will set you free to explore those forgotten influences buried deep inside of your psyche. Now! Feel them melt away as our "truffles" coat the pleasure centers on your palate. YES! As it was once said: "Walk without feet, fly without wings & think without mind." NOW! This is your chance to support Social Justice so that Felons too can someday re-enter Society as consequential contributors to the overall benefit of humanity, as well as his & her neighbors in their community. I'm asking you to join my cause for social justice. Our exploratory committee is centered around the ability for felons to be included when laws are passed that hinder their ability to live a life to its fullest potential. EMAIL: for any questions about delivery.

Side bar: It's a promotion for a membership drive on behalf of an exploratory into a UNION for felons & social justice. In this case, numbers matter.  Yes! This is …