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...bottom's up....!

You may hate me, this is your right; But, you do not have the right to use your hate against me, doing me harm. I served my time, paid in full; yet, the "Scarlet Letter" still exist leaving one branded, enslaved as a felon. Another area of Jim Crow politics keeping one class of people down while elevating others. This is the meaning of the Clinton's " is." It's not the class of being a felon; it's that it enslaves you for life from ever being able to fulfill any of life's possibilities as far as your dreams and abilities could carry you. If so, why try under such discouragement? "... water, water, everywhere; yet, not a drop to drink...." It is just as true today as it was then. Slavery in the bowels of a drifting boat on the turbulent ocean water, or confined by laws which are anathema to your civil rights, you are, as the T-shirt use to say -Shit happens.  Therefore, your anger is misshaped, altered by interpersonal trauma as you experie…