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I never knew the basic truth. It is a 'fallacy' of logic to use the consequences of an action as evidence for the antecedent of the equivalent future action. I did not know about what was going on. It's not like, as in the song, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones has got a thing going on....; I was simply reacting to the circumstances at hand; I was never the 'star' because I only played the part as circumstances played out. Now! It could be that those old assumptions took on a life of their own when I was out & about, doing the town as they say. You Know! Like King Sisyphus's stone, my stone keeps falling back down to the bottom, grounded in those old assumptions about life. So I think about how the old king who ruled over all still ended up for as hamburger for supper's dining. Yet again, I dug in, put my nose to those old assumptions -my grinding stone. Up the hill I go, like the old king,  failing to realize that maybe what I never knew about what was going on&…

"...It's only a paper moon..."

I have an attitude about myself - as if I had read the story of my life out of a book; like a third party. You, on the other hand, have all of your 'wits about you.' The stream running between our differences stems from my prison experiences followed up by probation experiences that caused me to have a mental breakdown -mental mishap. I attempted to kill myself because my living space was so toxic. For example, the state put me on the 'hit list' when it first came out; At that time, I was on probation, living in Charleston, S.C. 29401. Sidebar: Just last year or maybe a year and a half ago, some dude decided to kill people who were on the 'hit list' in S.C. I live in South Carolina; he killed his first choice; it could have very easily been me. He was caught on his second intended kill; it failed; but it could have been very easily me, again. Now! I'm attempting to pick up the 'pieces' again, to see how they fit; they will never fit the same again. …

..."play it again, Sam...."

I was reading an article in the morning news paper -News-less Courier from Charleston, SC  which involved the amount of prejudice inculcated in the teachings of the Church of Latter Day Saints,  a spin-off of Mormonism. If you were not a member of the church, then you were denied access to the town's resources; such as the rights to drinking water. If you were looking for a parable to compare the situation to, look to the middle east, the difference between the Shia and the Sunni divide, where  the church is Shia and the government is Sunni. According to the article, the members of the church were very paranoid about outside governmental interference. These two towns, separated by state lines, Utah & Colorado, were "shadowed in secrecy" "like a window into the Mafia's shadowy criminal underworld. "I think it will be quite a graphic case of city government corruption at almost the fullest degree, almost to the level of complete cartel running city govern…