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We all want what we want when we want it, Right! I like to express it this way: It's its it. Another way of expressing it: ...imagine if you will "Tacking" a picture of your dream on the mirror that you use at home. Yes! The real you; tacitly exposing your emotions, waiting for the perfect moment to expose your commitment to being measured by others, competition.  I say get over it; pass the gas that simmers within, live for whoever you are that day. Yes! So if you -tack on it- you get tacit approval from the generalized others. Now there is no guilt when dealing with others because each of us is into one's  -self best interest. If you seize  the idea; it evolves in real time because that is when others in the market place start to mimic your style as if it were their style at the onset.  They're ready, willing, and able to replicate this action, getting in on the ground floor, so- to -speak. Sidebar: I'm thinking about the word -tacit, implied but not appare…