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The time has come: It is time to stand up and be counted as one of the citizens from the State of South Carolina who has been denied due process of the law. This has been evident in the News & Courier over the last several months in its newspaper reporting. I am asking you to step up and be counted, join my cause for establishing the Innocence Project in the state of South Carolina. Because the state of S.C. has been guilty of corrupting the individual's right-of-due-process as an equal member of the community. The state's criminal justice system has been used to stifle those individuals considered to be less than equal under the law. The state's political system has always been self-centered with their air of superiority over power. For example, as reported in the News & Courier, most recently, the members of the S.C. governmental body of hermeneutics- YES! they are laying out the approved list for Judgeships with a Questionable mind set. That is Questionable as f…