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Echos from my youth, face to face with you again; only, now I'm 74, just hearing its failure to resonate. You are there, as I am here ... my imagination drifts back in time...when I was there too, so many years ago.  Back in the 60's when I was living in Paris, France.  I know that you can walk the streets that I walked; shop in the stores, dine on the corner of the many streets offering up for your palate and pleasures. Yes! You anchor the Echo that I'm passing through now- this moment in time. You mentioned Africa as a place of transcendence. My wife has that same feeling about Africa; she wants to expose me to its influence so that I too will be able to see the journey from which life's spore blossomed. Some day, I too will be free from the realities of truth. This is why I enjoyed your karma coming out of our contact. I know that it is easy to miss the flow of karma when you are 31 years old just blossoming in life's fertile presence. When I was 31, I was under…