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The impossible! I have been writing my blog these past few years, never getting a response, yet not challenging the system. I'm used to get my message out & about to readers such as yourself. And just last night I stumbled into the answer: "the response key to my blog was turned off." So that even if someone wanted to respond, they could not. Nothing good comes out of an April-fools' joke. But my tale of woe is true. Even so, ring around the rosy, a game out of my childhood where there was always one chair missing; that could have been your chair and probably was. At least, that is the way that life came at me, chair -less. Dumb is kind of how I understand the manner in which I process information.  For example, it used to be that the US was the sounding board upon which the European elites projected their 'retroflections': the back drop for political capital against communism -Mother Russia. So! Now! How will the European elites form their opinion? Now t…

3 right's metamorphosis....!

Imagine along this journey with me, please, as I reminisce over those first long days being held in the local county jails from NM to SC. I'm hoping to pen it to being Kafkaesque. Imagine if you will to being locked up in a controlled environment like your bathroom; think Kafka. His beetle is all locked up in his room with no escape. So! your bathroom is the beetle's bedroom in my remembrance. Now think about this scenario, and judge  if it is torture or not. It's your cell which you share daily along with the other occupants, between 10 & 20, depending on how busy the holiday's are along the coast of Myrtle Beach, SC. In this remembrance which started in April as a bad April fools joke, went on for more than 90 days. Yes, these inmates of yours would eat and defecate in your open space each and every day. You witness their dally acts; yet, you have no idea when it will end. You are bloating up right along with Kafka's beetle as you both fall into their own met…

...third rail...!~

Thank you, my friend, for your comment. If you will play along with me: let's think 'the big bang theory' as seen in evolution. OK.  Now let the Cadillac represent the ideal toy for the middle class status within the US. The building which the Cadillac crashed into represents the immovable force of let's say," "Fountainhead/ Ayn Rand. Also, "the structure determines the experience," you see. The red Cadillac is excitation screaming out against inhibition of what 'is' -think Clinton: depends on the meaning of 'is.' Hold that picture; look at the license plate; it is selling all of the pieces that came out of this collision -big bang. Rock store!  Yes, when you go into the rock store you will find each and ever piece off the collision 'sliced & diced' so that you can buy it as a memory of what could have been, maybe a piece of coal, maybe a diamond. It's business as usual; a rock is a rock by any other name. It's no…