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S.O.S. What is my new bitch? "Shit on a shingle" could be, maybe, if I were a spotted hyena living on the Serengeti in Africa. It just might be the best way to look at the way that I look at life. Why, you may ask. Well the hyena is the only living predator who can exist on the shit of all others living in her environment, those living on the Serengeti. But, you may say, you don't live on the Serengeti. Matter of fact, even though you look a little bit like the hyena, the fact is, you are the upstart of some failed Irish marriage which was fed on the shit of unfettered dreams because maybe, you-know, you should not have been born in the first place. OK, cream-of-beef dumped on a piece of toast is the Army's Beef Wellington. Yes! You know when the state is against you there is not to much for you to do; except, unless, that is, you walk on the wild side. This is how the state goes about "farming" a crop for the new industrial wave toward enslaving its popula…