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I'm sorry, but I'm not dispensable. I'm with "you" here & now! Anonymity is what I would like to feel. Free to know that there is not someone out in the environment looking to take me down as "game" because of their perceived sense of vision., or their elite sense of standing in their own mind.  Their point of view is couched in their divinity with their God; whoever that is is a matter of contention, but the point is taken. They are there. My "fear" is real, but it can not interfere with dreaming unless I allow it to. So all of the players in the story are telling you a "false" story about me; so I'm telling something about them.  It was Judge Fields who sat on the bench during the proceeding and allowed the rogue-prosecutor to scream out to the sitting jury; " he is a time-share sales man, what chance did she have?" She set the seed of distrust based upon their experiences when taking a timeshare tour. At this poi…


They are stealing because they are not being utilized. If you "ostracize" them, you create a vacuum for them, meaning they are denied their membership rights into life's game. They are the "slaves." When the Judge is appointed as in the state of S.C. and not elected or otherwise controlled through or influenced through the legislative powers the "slave's" environment is set to deny the "slave." Slavery is the spice of the day, every day. Now! Here is the point: John Dunne wrote in meditation 17, " man is an island..." also, " ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for the..." So, here is the question:  if you "ostracize" them, what than will they become a part of?  They cannot be a part of the whole community enjoying their civil rights because the dominant principle is to dominate the agenda through political posturing. For example, when you have no rights because the state is a right to work state …

Truth's side of "midnight."

Midnight is the benchmark of time; it is also the beginning & ending of time's daily routine. Now! What I do with my time has nothing to do with you unless you have "fuck-ed" over my state of consciousness like when the Nettles' family walked into a court room, lied to the Jury about my actions out of "spite & greed." Yes, this is what is know as "white 'trailer park' trash" in the old Southern way of relating about someone's status, "white trash." But! What the fuck! The key to understanding is simple when you realize that it is a fool's game if you put your future on the "backside" of anyone other than yourself. Like in my case, I am grafted to their "lies" because S.C allowed this to happen through its corruptible judiciary.  But in your case, you are untethered unless you are willing to choose to follow instead of lead. So, now each moment is earned or lost depending on what you did with th…


So what is this moment all about? It is about anger; it is about the fragmented Middle East. To me, anger is a state of mind that has given up its "weakness" of thought. Yes! thinking in "context" allows force of nature to manifest its construct of accommodating and assimilating the various interests in the Middle East.  To me the key to the region is not to destroy each others differences because you would stand alone; therefore, you would be where you started from; you would be alone without counsel. The idea of going "tribal" is governess out of council. Another way to look at "it" is to think exponentially because it is the confluence with others of various perspectives that gives us the greatest "stage" to unfurl the region's potentiality. For example, I believe that you become angry when your intellect is being challenged because you cannot think.  As in the children's game of  paper rock scissors, scissors cuts paper lik…