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Black mold....!

The time has come to turn off "Trump." So I'm looking at myself as if I were me; therefore, I say I'm dead. I found myself swinging on the porch's swing. There I am sitting on the swing reading a mystery off of the New York Times' best seller list. It's my niece's house; her porch & swing. I have a place on the Ashley river not far from here. It's less than 50 feet from the water when the tide is up, high tide. They found 'black mold' & I will leave it at that, no more said. OK! Now! Because of the black mold, I have to leave my home. I can no longer live there. I have to live somewhere.  This is just getting underway. I'll be moving out and about. Every few days my wife will move me around, this relative or that friend. They all have wonderful accommodations. Believe me when I say this: I have the greatest fear of waking up in the middle of the night, not remembering where the bathroom is because I'm not sure where I'm…